Grisaille,  pronounced “griz-eye”, is a classic and simple two-column design adjusted for mobile browsing. Latest post will display larger image when inserted with post thumbnail/featured image option. Twitter and Facebook links available via the theme’s option page, as well as customizable menu, header image and background.

It’s available for download on

25 thoughts on “Grisaille

  1. Hello I’m using Grisaille for my wordpress website and I’d like to ask something…
    A few weeks ago when I clicked on the title (the picture with the title on my website) I was returning to the “home” page with all my articles. It’s not working anymore, why?
    I can’t do a page where I publish my articles so how can I do to go back to my articles if I’m on another page? thanks in advance

  2. Hi – I just started using your theme and I am wondering how to eliminate the Leave A Comment box from the pages? I unchecked the appropriate boxes so I don’t receive comments but the box still appears and allows for comments. Thank you

    • Hi Fred,

      You just need to uncheck the “allow comments” box under “Discussions” which you’ll find below the main editor window. If you’re not seeing this, you can add the box by opening the Screen Options menu which you’ll find at the top right of your screen and then ticking off the “discussion” checkbox.

      Hope that helps.

    • Hi Richard,

      in the same menu where you set your social media links, right at the top you should see a check box for the RSS feed. Hope that helps.

  3. Hello again…

    I’d like to know if “Lightbow Gallery plugin” works with Grisaille. Lightbox is exactly what I’d like to use for my pictures on he website, but when you click on a picture they appear way too small. Would you have an idea how to make them bigger?

    Here is an example of my “problem” whn you click on pics

    I hope you can help cause on WordPress forum nobody helps ;)


    • Hi Fanny,

      This seems to be a setting in the plugin itself. Take a look at the bottom of the settings page. I was able to get it to work with Grisaille. See here.

  4. I am trying to use this theme. However, the width of the post area changes significantly when you view anything other than the home page. For instance, individual post pages have a narrower post container box than the posts on the home page.

    Can this be fixed?

    • Hi Alessandro,

      There is indeed a 10px discrepancy between the homepage and the posts/pages. Thanks for noticing. I’ll be sure to fix that in the next update. If you want to adjust the css yourself for now, you can change line 338 of styles.css from width: 615px to width: 605px.

    • Comments like this aren’t very helpful. What would be helpful is if you recommend alternate fonts. Thanks.

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