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  1. I have installed Liquorice for a second time (first time I was trying things out in a sub-folder of a different hosting account). This time I cannot control the main menu. The Theme locations box and main menu entry do not appear in the Dashboard’s menu configuration page. Therefore I cannot over-rule the setting that adds all top level pages to this menu. Also I need to change the order of the menu items. How can I get the main nav menu to show up on the Dashboard’s menu configuration page – thanks

    • Hi Steve, my first suggestions would be to deactivate all your plugins to see if any of these are causing an issue.

  2. Hi there,

    I’ve just installed Licorice to revamp my company’s blog but it doesn’t appear to look anything like the template. I’m wondering what I’m doing wrong. The sidebar is non existent; instead the links appear above and below the blog entry. And the links to other pages are gone from the top of the page as well. Help!

      • No I haven’t. I’m wondering if it’s something with Chrome? It doesn’t look the same to me as your design does…could it be something with the browser I’m using?

        • Weird! It is the browser! I opened it in another browser and it looks fine! Does this mean anyone using Chrome will see the wrong layout? What should I do?

  3. Hi! This is a fantastic theme! The most possible is that I will use this one on my new site. I am new to wordpress. Grisaille is great too. The only things I would like to change in Liquorice is the titles of the articles that have that coloured background. Is there a way to just leave bold letters and avoid the huge squares? Moreover in the titles of the widgets in sidebar the letters are too bold. Is there a way that can be changed? Again thank you very much for the offer of these great themes.

  4. Hello,
    I use this thema for a long time. It is realy good thema. But i have a problem about article’s headline. I use lower case for my article headline but it shows upper case. Example: “Application” “APPLİCATİON”.
    How can i resolve my problem?

  5. Hello,
    Your template is great! Thank you for sharing. I’ve been trying to find out how to extend the sticky post design to all posts. Could you help me with this issue? I found these lines: <li id="post-" and the li.postWrapper,
    div.postWrapper {
    background:url("images/border.gif") repeat-x scroll left bottom transparent;
    margin:0 0 50px;
    padding:0 0 20px;
    in the CSS style sheet but couldn’t find out how to modify it…
    Thanks in advance!

  6. I use this theme for my site for the past 3 months and there were no issues whatsoever. My only problem here is that I cannot figure out how to make sidebar customizable, i.e. I would like certain widgets to appear only on the main page and other at the pages with posts. Any suggestions?

  7. Hi

    I have just started using the Liquorice theme for a new blog, and I love it.

    There is just one problem – an extra search box saying “Not found – Sorry, but nothing matched your search criteria”.

    Sorry if I’m missing something really obvious, but how do I get rid of it? I can’t see it on the Widgets page.

    Thanks, Natalie

    • Hi Natalie,

      This is the default when you have not yet posted anything. The form will disappear as soon as you publish your first post.

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