About Me

My name is Sonia. I’m a designer and front-end developer.

About my work

For most projects, I wear both the designer and developer hat. I’ve worked with startups, non-profit organizations and on open source projects. My clients also include design and tech agencies.

I’m a WordPress junkie, which is why most of the sites I build run on it. In my spare time, I created Liquorice and Grisaille themes, two free themes available on WordPress.org. My themes have been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times. I’m proud to say Liquorice and Grisaille are also available as free themes on WordPress.com. More recently I designed Matheson, a collaborative theme with Bavotasan also available on WordPress.org.

About me

I live in Montreal with my 1 year old Boston Terrier, Ringo the Rambunctious.

I studied photography at Dawson College and later graduated with honours in Multimedia Design from the International Academy of Design.

I speak three languages, tell people I play the drums even though I only kinda do, grow way too many heirloom tomatoes during the summer and spend a good chunk of my money on concerts.

When I’m not enjoying my friends and family or walking the dog, I love to read (books—the bound paper kind) and brushing up on my now rusty photography skills.

But enough about me. Need a website?

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